I’m a Newbie Blogger

I’m starting this blog as a place to share photos and short stories of what our family is up to here in Utsunomiya, Japan.  I also want a place to post some of the things we’re doing in our homeschooling so that family and friends can see what we’re learning.  Since we live far from our loved ones in America, I hope this blog can be a way to bridge those miles and give a window into our daily lives in a way that just emailing and talking on the phone can’t quite do.  Also, I am looking forward to having Austin and Ethan participate in this blog by posting and choosing which homeschool assignments and projects they want to share with our readers.  Though I really admire people who are able to write profound blog entries on their deepest feelings and sound really cool while doing it, I don’t think I can measure up to that standard.  With three lively little people to care for each day, I don’t get as much chance to deeply ponder things as I used to and I get even less chance to write about them.  So, while the occasional profound thoughts might squeak into this blog once in awhile, I’m mainly just planning to write short entries here and there to share about things our family is up to.  I also don’t think I’ll be posting every day, but will post as I am inspired.  In other words, no high expectations, please!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “I’m a Newbie Blogger

  1. Renee,

    I think your blog is fantastic! Thanks so much for letting us know about it….and please don’t fret about being a “deep” blogger….your writing hits the spot for me! The kids look great….I hope to be able to meet up with you guys in September this year.

    Take care and much love,

    • Thanks, Lisa! I hope you and Bryan had a good talk last night! It was fun to hear your voice, even though it was only for a couple of seconds. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the invite to view your blog Renee. I don’t have a blog, but maybe viewing yours and my sisters and those of some other friends will inspire me. Until then I will enjoy yours, with no expectation other than to enjoy seeing what you and your family are doing halfway around the world. Now, I need to remember to bookmark this!

    Love, Jill 🙂

  3. I think your Blog is wonderful!!!!! I like it a lot better than trying to figure out what’s going on on Facebook :-/
    Love, mom/Grandma Judy

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