Homemade Kite Project

Austin and Ethan have been very excited about kites lately, but I’m a terrible kite flyer.  I have no idea how to get a regular-sized kite into the air and make it stay there.  So, we did a little research online and found this cool, super-simple homemade kite craft. It takes about three minutes to make, the only materials needed are printer paper, a stapler, a hole-punch, and some thread, and the kite actually flies (if you keep running around with it).  In other words, it’s perfect for little kiddos with short attention spans and lots of energy to burn!

Here are some photos of the kids flying their kites at Utsunomiya University near our house.




One thought on “Homemade Kite Project

  1. We don’t fly kites. Kites fy themselves. In consort with the right wind, of course. An ill-constructed kite, like an ill-constructed person, will founder and fall regardless. But even the best constructed kite, like the best constructed person, must draw power from the breath of the world around. Inhaling is all for you. Exhaling is for the benefit of the world. In Japan of all places, kites will thrive on the advice of random strangers. Just listen to them.

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