Spotlight on Katie

Katie turned two last February and she is at a really fun age now.  She talks up a storm and is very independent.  Some of her cutest recent quotes are, “God loves you, Mommy!”, “I’ll protect you, Austin/Ethan”, and “If you like _____, raise your hand!”  She wants to do everything the boys do and is very disappointed when she can’t.   Katie loves drawing with crayons or doing any kind of craft and she is always dying to leave the house.  I used to have a hard time prying Austin and Ethan away from their favorite toys long enough to get them to go outside to the park with me, but Katie can often be found at the front door with her shoes on asking to go on a “Mommy and Katie date.”   She also loves changing her clothes several times a day (much to my annoyance when I’m trying to get us out of the house by a certain time) and the clothes she chooses usually have no relation to the current season or to how those items of clothing look together (read: totally mismatched snow hat , mittens, and a scarf paired with a bathing suit in the middle of July).  I’ve learned not to expend energy dressing her too far in advance of when we leave the house or I will have to do it all over again once or twice before we go. 🙂

Here are some photos of “Katie-Boo” for your enjoyment.

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