Learning about Yeast

A couple of days ago, the boys and I completed the last science experiment in our homeschool curriculum for the school year.  The boys were sad because they have totally loved our Sonlight science books and experiments.  We grew bean plants, put several different substances in the freezer to see which ones would freeze, watched a butterfly hatch, made a model volcano, and did a bunch of other really fun age-appropriate science activities together.  This last activity involved learning about dry yeast and what happens when you add sugar and water to it.  We learned that the water activates the yeast, which eats the sugar and then secretes gas as a product of digestion.  That’s what makes the yeast solution get all bubbly and it’s also what makes bread dough rise and what causes bread to have little air pockets in it.   After we got to see the yeast mixture get super bubbly and even start to overflow a tall glass, the boys used it to make their own yeast rolls and then baked them in the oven.  Of course, one of their favorite parts was getting to eat the results!  Here are some photos from our science activity.


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