Field Trip to Motegi Race Track

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Austin and Ethan on a field trip to a place called “Twin Ring Motegi”, which is well known in our area for its car racing.  Built and owned by Honda, Motegi also has a very large mountainous outdoor area where people can explore nature, go camping and hiking, and just enjoy the great outdoors.  On our field trip, took a short hike in the “Hello Woods”, visited a couple of museums on the grounds, and saw a demonstration of “Ashimo”, a human-like robot designed and built by Honda. Ashimo can run,  kick a ball, shake hands with someone, and deliver items from one place to another. 

Austin and Ethan especially enjoyed eating their lunch in the grandstand while watching race cars zoom around the track, and visiting a small museum filled with cars and motorcycles.  All in all, it was a really fun day.  Here are some photos of our field trip.


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