Fun Frog Craft

For some reason, my kids are very excited about frogs right now.  They play with toy frogs, pretend they are frogs, and love reading and learning about these interesting amphibians.  Our family also has enjoyed keeping tadpoles and watching them grow legs.  So, when we found directions for a frog craft in this month’s issue of a wildlife magazine called Your Big Backyard, the boys were adamant that they wanted to make it.   We used a glue gun, felt, and googly eyes to make the frogs’ bodies and filled them polyester stuffing.  BEST Club friends Saki and Minami (see my post on the treasure hunt they came up with for the kids) were here when we did the craft and they helped with making the frogs, which made things go more smoothly than if it had just been me helping make them! 🙂  Here’s how they turned out.


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