Learning About Anatomy Through Music

Awhile back my mom gave the kids a CD and book called “My Bodyworks”. It kind of got lost among our other books for awhile and just sat dormant on our bookshelf until we pulled it out a few weeks ago and discovered how awesome it was.  The music is super catchy, the kids love to dance to it and hear it over and over and over again, and through it the kids are learning all kinds of cool facts and new vocabulary related to the human body.  Our favorite song on the CD is “Bones”, which has taught our whole family that there are 206 bones in our bodies, 26 in our feet, and 14 in our faces.  Since my kids have heard this song (what seems like) hundreds of times now, they totally remember these facts and love to have a glass of milk ready to chug when the song says to “drink lots of milk so your bones will be strong.”  The CD even has a cute and funny song about what happens in the digestive system that causes people to pass gas, which, as you can imagine was what totally sold my boys on this CD!    What little boys could pass up the chance to listen to a song about that topic??!! 🙂 

A funny story about this CD: When listening to a song about the lungs, Ethan was shocked to hear lyrics about being “in Hell”.  Well, that turned into a great opportunity to explain the meanings of the words “inhale” and “exhale” which is what they were actually singing about! 🙂  Anyway, we totally recommend this CD and plan to keep on singing and dancing to it as we learn lots of cool scientific facts about human anatomy.  Thanks, Mom!



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