IBF Picnic

The church we go to in Utsunomiya is called IBF (International Bible Fellowship).  Our church had a barbeque at the Kinugawa River near our home yesterday, which was a lot of fun.  The kids especially enjoyed totally soaking one another with their water guns (which later were replaced by buckets and bottles of water that they just dumped on each other when the water guns didn’t seem like enough) 🙂 .  After the delicious food was all eaten, Bryan had the privilege of helping to baptize Yoichi, a good friend of ours and graduate of Utsunomiya BEST Club.  Yoichi recently went on staff with the Navigators and will be working in the Tokyo office.  Another member of IBF, Mabike, an international student from Africa, also got baptized in the river that day at the same time as Yoichi, so it was neat to be able to be part of seeing both of them take that step of faith.  Bryan finished up the event by giving short motorcycle rides to our kids and friend Kazushi.

Here are some photos from the day.


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