Sports and Games Day at UICS

Every year our kids’ school (Utsunomiya International Christian School — UICS) has a sports and games day for the kids and their parents.  Since UICS is a K-12 school, the teachers have to be creative in planning races and games that kids of all ages can enjoy.  This year the day mostly involved races of all different kinds, from standard relay races to a three-legged race, a ball-carrying race, and a race that involved all kinds of crazy stuff like standing up and turning around five times with your forehead touching the end of a baseball bat (to make you dizzy), sticking your face in flour to grab a piece of candy with your mouth, and pulling a snack package off of a clothes pin using only your teeth.

The kindergarten teacher planned to have the kids and parents dance and sing to a couple of the songs I use in my kindergarten English class, but due to technical difficulties the CD player didn’t work.  She asked me if I could sing the songs in place of the CD.  I REALLY didn’t want to since I hate to sing in front of people by myself, but I got Katie to join me and we did it in a little duet.  We didn’t sound TOO bad, I guess, and Katie LOVED it.  She wanted to sing more and had a little temper tantrum when we told her it was all done. 🙂

Needless to say, all three kids had a BLAST and they each even won a race.  We are definitely looking forward to next year’s event (though hopefully this was the last time I will have to sing)!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment:


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