Playing with Lentils

When Austin and Ethan were little, I had a box full of dry pinto beans that they could use as an indoor sandbox.  They loved putting theirtoy cars and trains in the box and  zooming and crashing them in the beans.  Pouring beans, scooping them, and (unfortunately) 🙂 scattering them across the room, were also apparently really fun.  I got rid of the bean box after Katie was born since I didn’t want her to accidentally eat any of them, but a few days ago I thought that Katie might have fun with a similar activity.  Since I didn’t have any beans on hand, I dumped a package of dry lentils into a container, brought down some of her kitchen toys and let her have fun with them.  In a (feeble) attempt to keep the lentils from going everywhere, I put her and all the stuff on top of a plastic princess table cloth.  She had a great time, but it did make a bit of a mess. 

Here are some photos of her intently enjoying her lentil experience. 🙂


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