Drawing Katie

One thing I really like about Austin and Ethan is how much they love their little sister.  Of course, they fight with her (especially Ethan) but when she draws something that actually looks like what she was trying to draw, sings a song and actually remembers the right words, or attains some other big accomplishment for a two-year-old, they clap and cheer for her and tell her she did a great job.  They give her hugs, tell her she’s a cutie, and fight about who gets to sit next to her on the couch.  They melt my heart! 

The other day, Austin and Ethan showed Katie their love by drawing portraits of her.  Ethan was especially serious about it, wanting Katie to sit still while he drew her so that he could get all the details right.  (I probably don’t have to tell you that it’s pretty much impossible to get a two-year-old to sit still for a portrait!)  Somehow, though, Ethan was able to draw an adorable picture of Katie wearing a flowered dress and pink rain boots.  Austin decided to join in the fun and draw a portrait too.

Here they are for your enjoyment.


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