Learning About Life in Space

The boys and I had a really fun time learning about life in space yesterday by watching videos of Japanese astronaut Wakata-san doing fun experiments aboard the International Space Station.  We learned a bit about the International Space Station (ISS) when we did our space lapbook, so Austin and Ethan were especially interested to see what it looks like inside and to watch the videos of Wakata-san.  We got to see interesting demonstrations of everyday life in space and how the lack of gravity affects simple things that are easy to do on earth, such as folding clothes, shooting a water gun, flying a paper airplane, playing tug of war, putting in eye drops, and arm wresting.  Here’s a link to one of the videos in which Wakata-san demonstrates some of these things with his American co-worker in the ISS, “Bob”.  (Sorry, I haven’t Googled to find out astronaut Bob’s name).  You can click here to watch the video.


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