Robot Craft

We go to the local Japanese public library about twice a month.  The last time we went, Ethan chose a book that showed how to make robots out of empty soy sauce dispensers and a variety of nuts and bolts.  He REALLY wanted to make that craft so we went to the dollar store so they could choose their soy sauce bottles and we raided Bryan’s jar of nuts and bolts and used a glue gun to attach the nuts and bolts to the bottles to create original robot creations.  The kids decide what they wanted their robots to look like and I did the gluing for them.  Ethan wanted his robot to have a jet pack on the back so it could zoom around in space so we did our best to create one out of items in Bryan’s nuts and bolts jar.  It turns out that I should have asked Bryan if we could hijack his nuts and bolts (oops!) but he was a good sport about it and didn’t ask for them back. 🙂  I’m thankful for my hubby!  He’s a great dad!

Here’s what their robots look like:


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