On Our Way to the USA!

We leave tomorrow for a month in the States.  Bryan is leading 14 Japanese college students and 3 single staff on the annual BEST Club USA Trip.  The group will go first to San Diego where the students will do homestays with Christian families, then head to the Grand Canyon and the University of Arizona in Tuscon, and then finish the trip with a several day stay at the JLH Ranch in Grass Valley, California.  At each location, our Japanese friends will be experiencing American culture, meeting and interacting with people who love Jesus, and reading the Bible and discussing it together.  (And, of course, hitting Walmart and Target for souvenirs!) 🙂 

While Bryan is travelling around the country with the BEST Club, the kids and I will be hanging out at my Mom’s house in San Diego.  This will be the first time in two years for our kids to visit the States and to see most of their west coast family members, so we are making time with family our highest priority.  We also plan to continue a little bit of homeschooling, both the textbook kind and the “go out to all kinds of museums and new places and have fun together while learning stuff” kind of homeschooling too. 🙂 

All three kids are VERY excited about making this journey.  We are too, but we also break into cold sweats when we think about all the stressful things that could happen with small children on a three hour drive to the airport followed by several hours in the airport followed by a 9 hour or so flight to LA and a two or so hour drive down to San Diego.  So, we’re praying like crazy for an uneventful journey with three happy-go-lucky children and I have a backpack stuffed with “secret airplane surprises” that will be doled out to the kids at desperate moments.

By the way, for various reasons, I may not be able blog much while we’re in America.  So, if there aren’t any posts for the next few weeks it doesn’t mean I’ve given up blogging– I’m just taking a short hiatus. 

Tonight, for a final taste of authentic Japanese food (and so I wouldn’t have to cook or do any dishes), we headed to our favorite conveyor belt sushi shop called “Hamazushi”.  We had a yummy last dinner in Japan and now look forward to eating lots of American food for the next few weeks!  Here are a couple of photos of our family during our “last supper”.  (Don’t forget to click on the thumbnail if you want to see a bigger version of the picture).


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