“Tadaima!!” (We’re back!)

Our family had a wonderful time on our trip to the States (see previous post) and we are now settled back into our regular life in Japan.  God graciously allowed us to have safe travels.  Our kids are over their jetlag.  And, after putting away the contents of ten (!!) pieces of luggage our house is no longer a disaster zone (or, at least it’s no worse than usual anyway).  🙂

Personally, I most enjoyed getting to spend relaxed time with family members and watching my kids interact with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I also chowed down on quite a bit of Mexican food and American-style pizza, which was very enjoyable. 

The kids spent hours in Grandma Judy’s backyard, splashing around in the Jacuzzi.  They doted over Grandma and Grandpa’s big black lab, Liberty, and enjoyed hearing Grandpa Bob read them bedtime stories.  We visited several museums, made it to the beach once, and managed to squeeze in a little homeschooling here and there, though not nearly as much as I had hoped.  One especially fun memory was visiting Bates Nut Farm in Escondido where we saw huge pumpkins, experience a petting zoo, and enjoyed a hay ride.   We also  had a great time at the Museum of Natural History and the Model Train Museum in Balboa Park

Bryan’s ministry trip was a huge success.   He has been very encouraged to come back to find that many of the  not-yet-believing students who went on the trip with him are even more excited about continuing to read the Bible with BEST Club staff and fellow students.  One student in particular seems to have taken some big steps toward faith in Jesus as a result of the trip too, so that has been encouraging to see.

Below are some of the best family-related pictures from the trip.   I hope you enjoy them!


4 thoughts on ““Tadaima!!” (We’re back!)

  1. Thanks, Ali! Unfortunately, we saw very few friends while we were in town, but we did got lots of quality time with family, so that was a big highlight.

  2. Renee, It was fun to see the pictures of your trip, so wished we could have connected but I completely understand how hard it is to balance everyone you have to see. We will have to actually “talk” sometime soon. Love and prayers to you all!!

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