2009 Tokyo Motor Show

A couple of days ago, Bryan and the boys made the long 3 1/2 hour trek down to Tokyo to attend the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.  The show only occurs every two years and the last time Bryan just took Austin because Ethan was too little to endure the long drive and walking involved.  Austin had such a great time on his adventure with Daddy two years ago, that he still frequently talks about the fun things they did, the cars and motorcycles they saw, and the food they ate along the way — including some rare pepperoni pizza at Costco Japan. 🙂  So, Bryan decided to go again this year and this time he took both boys.  Though the show was smaller this year due to the poor economy, both boys had a great time and really enjoyed trying out various new models of cars and motorcycles.  They also got to race mini remote controlled cars and see Tomica (the Japanese version of Hot Wheels) vehicles race around a track.  They came home with tired bodies, tummies full of treats Bryan had let them eat along the way, and minds full of fun memories they will undoubtedly remember until the next motor show rolls along.  Here are some photos of their adventure.


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