Grandpa Visits Japan!

Last week, Bryan’s Dad came to visit us for 10 days.  Bryan was asked to head up a project at the location where we meet for church to break down an old wall and build a new one that would enlarge the patio area in front of the house where we meet.  He’s never done a project like this before, so he asked his dad if he would consider coming out to help him with the project.  His dad gave him an enthusiastic “Yes” as his answer and so we got the privilege of hanging out with Grandpa for a few days.  The kids LOVED getting to spend time wth Grandpa and especially enjoyed hearing him read them stories, playing board games and card games with him, and showing him all of their toys and special treasures.  We also ate out a couple of times and both Austin and Ethan were very excited when it was their turn to get to sit next to grandpa at the restaurant.  Unfortunately, Grandpa had to go back to America today and we will all miss him greatly.  We hope he is able to come visit again.  Here are some photos from our time together.


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