Personalized Pizza Party

A few days ago, several students from the BEST Club gathered at our house for a “make your own pizza” party and Bible discussion.  Our kids had a great time joining in the fun and even got to create pizzas themselves.  Austin, who doesn’t like cheese very much, made the most original pizza of all: a cheese-less pizza featuring two Star Wars characters(made entirely from sliced sausages and canned corn kernals)  having a lightsaber battle.  I didn’t get to taste that one, but it looked pretty good!  Katie overdid it a little when shaking on the powdered garlic, but in the end hers actually tasted great!  Our kids love interacting with their BEST Club friends and they love eating pizza so this was definitely their kind of event! 🙂 

Here are a few photos of the party.  Don’t forget to click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.  If you click an enlarged photo again, you can zoom in and see pizza details. 🙂


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