Enjoying the MESS!

I generally like to keep our home clean and tidy as much as possible.  I can’t stand to trip over toys or live in an environment that is super cluttered.  So, as you can imagine it can sometimes be frustrating living in a home with three wonderful little mess-makers!  As soon as an area gets tidied up, it’s a total disaster again in a few minutes!  Today I walked into the kids’ room and it was such a disaster I just had to laugh!  They were having such a great time in there with just about every toy scattered over the floor, that I couldn’t be frustrated with them.  I just decided to take a picture and put it  in the blog for all to see.  This is what our kids’ room really looks like a lot of the time.  I’m guessing many of you can relate (or can remember the days when your house looked like this too!) 🙂 

(Just click on the thumbnails to see all the “gory” details). 🙂


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