Austin and Ethan’s First Piano Recital

They can’t be compared to Mozart or Beethoven, but Austin and Ethan have enjoyed taking piano lessons once a week over the past year.  Yesterday was their first piano recital and they both did a great job (even though there were a few mistakes here and there). 🙂  The recital was held in a small, but very attractive music hall that their piano teacher rented.  They boys each played more than one solo and both got to play a duet, Austin with his teacher and Ethan with his classmate, Jack.  Each time before they played their piece, they had to announce (in Japanese) what song they would be playing and then bow to the audience.  When the recital was over, the teacher gave each of her piano students a gift and a bag of snacks, which helped them feel that piano recitals weren’t so bad after all. 🙂 Austin’s highlight of the event was being able to play the melody of the Star Wars theme song, which he had taken the initiative to learn all by himself. 

Here are a few photos of the recital.


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