Our Big Move

At the beginning of January, we moved to a different house.  We still live in the same city, but our “new” (to us) house is larger than our old one and is located right next to a very nice children’s park where our our kids can play on the slides and swings and get lots of time running around outside for fun and exercise.  The new house also has enough space for a homeschooling room, which is exciting for me.  Now I don’t have to do all of our schooling at the kitchen table.  And, we are next to a shallow river where ducks and large carp live.  The kids enjoy taking bread crumbs or crackers down to the river to feed the wildlife there and they are awakened each morning by the sweet quacking of their feathered friends.   What could be better?!

The only thing we didn’t like about the house before we moved in was the kitchen.  The kitchen counter and the cabinets above and below the counter area as well as the sink and stove were very old, small, and poorly constructed.  So, my handyman hubby decided to rip out the old kitchen counter and cabinets and replace them with a newer set.  In order to save money, he decided to do all the work himself (with a little help from his beloved wife who eventually became pretty skilled at using a caulking gun). 🙂  Oddly, our kitchen also had an extra (and unnecesary) sink in it, so Bryan took that out and moved it to a more appropriate location.  He and several friends also painted the walls and ceiling in the kitchen. 

Those things are done, but we still have quite a few books and other items that need to be unpacked and put away and lots of organizing to do throughout the house to get fully settled into our new home in a way that helps daily life go smoothly.

One of the hugest blessings about this house is the way God moved the hearts of many donors to give extremely generously to pay for our moving expenses to our new place.  This move has been a great opportunity for us to experience the love of friends and the love and generous provision of God.  We are filled with thankfulness!


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