UICS Cultural Festival

Yesterday, our kids’ school (UICS) had it’s annual Cultural Festival (called a “Bunkasai” in Japanese).  All three kids participated in singing songs for the program and Austin and Ethan played the “pianica” (a Japanese style mini piano).  The boys also participated in a play that was a modern version of the Prodigal Son story.  It was fun seeing all the kids in the school show off their talents, present powerpoint presentations about things they’ve learned this year, and act as the MC’s for the event.  One high school student stood up and told everyone how he had been bullied in public school and was so thankful for the loving and accepting environment of UICS that has helped him overcome the trauma he experienced through that.  That young man is one of my English students and I have definitely seen him gradually become more cheerful and social over the months since he first entered UICS.  We are so thankful that our kids can go to school in such a loving and warm environment and we are thankful for the ways God is using our school to change students’ lives.


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