Superbowl Party — Japanese Style

On the Friday after the Superbowl, our good friend and co-worker Alan invited us to his house to watch a replay of the big game on a Japanese sports channel.  The adults all tried not to find out who won the game before watching it replayed on TV, but unfortunately we all failed!  Happily, though, the kids didn’t know who was going to win , so at least they were able to experience the fun of not knowing what would happen. 

I’m not a big football fan anyway, and I don’t  have any connection to the two teams who were playing, so knowing how the game would turn out in the end kind of removed any small  thrill I might have experienced by watching. 🙂  However, it was great to eat the hamburgers, potatoes, and salad Alan made for us and to watch my kids get all excited about the game. Even Katie, who has no clue about football, really got into giving Alan high fives every time his team (the Saints) made a touchdown.  All in all, it was a good American cultural experience for them — Japanese style. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Superbowl Party — Japanese Style

  1. what?! i’m shocked you didn’t route for the Colts! and i’m more shocked that Alan didn’t route for his own home team. We’ll bring a little blue pride for next year…when we win the superbowl! love you guys and see you soon!

    • Hey Megan! Well, he did say the quarterback was a Purdue grad so that’s why he was routing for them. So, he’s not THAT much of a traitor. 🙂

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