Enjoying Tokyo’s Cherry Blossoms and Time with Good Friends

Earlier this month, our family drove two hours to Tokyo to spend a couple of days with our friends, the VanZantes, who who are also on staff with the Navigators in Japan.  Since Tokyo is the half-way point between their city and ours, it was a good way to see each other without anyone having to drive too far.  We stayed in an area of Tokyo called Mitaka and the place where we stayed was within walking distance of Inokashira Park, which houses a small, but very nice zoo.  Our favorites things at the zoo were the squirrel exhibit (squirrels are rare in Japan), the guinea pig petting area, and the monkey exhibit.  Oh, yes, and the soft ice cream was also a big hit!! 🙂  The kids had a blast riding together on mini amusement park rides, like the tea cups and merry-go-round.  We had such a great time together, that it was hard to say goodbye.   We’re looking forward to the next time we can spend time together!!


4 thoughts on “Enjoying Tokyo’s Cherry Blossoms and Time with Good Friends

  1. what beautiful pictures! i wish there was one of the cherry blossom slapping bryan in the face, and i can tell that you worked really hard to get the pictures of your two family boats next to each other. it looked like a whole flock of swan boats!!

    • Thanks, Megan! We’ll have to take you and Jason there sometime! Then you can enjoy getting slapped by the trees too. 🙂

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