Austin’s Big Adventure

Earlier this month, Austin got to have the adventure of a lifetime — a week-long trip just with Daddy to America to visit Bryan’s parents.  Bryan tries to go back once a year to visit his parents by himself and this time he decided to take Austin with him.  It was a great chance for the two of them to get lots of “male bonding” time and also for Austin to visit Grandma and Grandpa and his Aunt Lisa in Virginia for the first time in several years.  Among other fun activities, Austin got to go fishing, ride in a canoe, visit a shooting range, and trap an oppossom and a couple of squirrels in a live animal trap (which they let  go a few minutes later).  He thoroughly enjoyed eating lots of American food, including several visits to Grandma and Grandpa’s favorite restaurant, the K&W Cafeteria.  And, he learned how to hit a wiffle ball.  What more could an 8 year old boy ask for??  Ethan definitely missed his bosom buddy while he was gone, but he is looking forward to getting his turn to visit Virginia with Daddy NEXT year.  Here are a few photos of Bryan and Austin’s trip.


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