Austin’s Book Review Assignment

Yesterday  Austin’s English writing assignment was to choose his favorite book we’ve read so far this school year and then write a short review of that book, explaining what he liked about it. I was encouraged when Austin couldn’t choose just one book — he came up with a stack of five or six! Part of the assignment was to post Austin’s book review on the Sonlight website, which Austin got VERY excited about doing. So after we posted his first book review, he wanted to post three more! I think he would have posted even more, but he kind of pooped out after the fourth one and wanted to go play. 🙂 If you’re interested in reading what books Austin loved and wrote reviews for, click here, here, here, and here. Just scroll down to the reviews and his will be toward the top.  The poster is listed as BRYAN G, but Austin’s name is at the end of the review.  Enjoy!

Austin with some of his favorite homeschool books so far this year.


3 thoughts on “Austin’s Book Review Assignment

    • Hey Brenda! I checked out your Kindermusic blog. It looks great!! I’ll have to check back and get updates on what Mrs. B is up to. 🙂 If we lived close to you, I’d definitely enroll Katie in your class! It sounds awesome!!

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