Enjoying our Neighborhood

We moved into our house in January and I just have to say that I LOVE our neighborhood.  Our neighbors are all really sweet and friendly.  I’ve had lots of great conversations with people who pass by when I’m out in the yard pulling weeds or taking out the trash.   A couple of the neighborhood grandma types have been giving me lots of great advice about gardening (which I know nothing about!) and others have given us cakes, vegetables, and homemade pudding.  One little girl who lives across the street often calls hello to Katie from her second story window when she sees us outside.  It’s great!!  I also love the river that runs behind our house and the wonderful park that is just a few steps away.  And, to top it all off, it’s duckling season so we are able to walk along the river and find mother ducks with their ducklings swimming along.  At our old house I often felt that our kids didn’t get enough time outside since we didn’t have a yard, but now I feel like they have tons of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors without even having to leave our neighborhood.  I feel really thankful that God provided this house and neighborhood for us! 🙂


One thought on “Enjoying our Neighborhood

  1. Oh, Renee, I just love the photos of the park and area around your home. It is beautiful, restful and playful, a place for restoration of the soul. I certainly understand your desire to live in that neighborhood, so well designed and people-friendly.



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