Back in Japan!!

We had a great trip to the States this summer and now we’re back in Japan. Jetlag has finally worn off  and outside temperatures have dipped a bit today so I feel the energy to start blogging again! 🙂  This year our family went to four locations: San Diego (to visit my family), Colorado Springs (for a meeting), Duncan, Oklahoma (to visit Bryan’s extended family), and Iowa (Ames and Des Moines) for the wedding of a close friend.  This was our first time to go to so many places with the kids and the trip involved quite a few airplane rides, hotel stays,  and long (6-12 hour) car rides, so (although it was a fantastic experience) it was tiring at times.  The best part of it all was getting to spend time with dear family and friends.  It was so terrific to see everyone!!  Since I have quite a few photos from each leg of the journey, I’ll write separate posts for each one.  So, keep reading!! 🙂


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