Leg One of our Trip — San Diego

In San Diego we ate Mexican food (hooray!) and spent time with our beloved family members (double hooray!) 🙂  This time we were only there for a week, so unfortunately there were lots of friends and family we didn’t get to see this time. 😦  My mom  & step-father hosted a sleepover for 10 grandchildren at one time, complete with matching nightgowns and dresses for all of the girls and t-shirts for the boys.  That was definitely a highlight for Austin, Ethan, and Katie.  It was so much fun for them to get to be with their cousins!  We also had fun going to the San Diego Aerospace Museum with my dad and aunt.  Here are the best photos from the San Diego leg of our trip.


3 thoughts on “Leg One of our Trip — San Diego

  1. had so much fun perusing your photos this afternoon while the boys napped~ (or in jones’s case, sang and tapped his feet on the wall). love the one of you guys “traveling light” 😉 i also loved seeing the pics of your house, look forward to seeing it in person sometime! 🙂 i’m so blessed to be a part of the japan wives club with you!! 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks, Jamie! I always really enjoy reading your blog too! I’m hoping the wives get together works out! I will check with Bryan about November. 🙂 By the way, you’re definitely welcome to visit Utsu any time!!

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