Last Leg of our Trip – Iowa

Our final destination on our trip to the States during July and August was Iowa.  We stayed for a few days in Ames and visited with our good friend Sara and then drove to Des Moines for the wedding of our friends Ruth Ann and James.  Bryan was given the privilege of officiating the wedding and Katie was the flower girl.  We had a fantastic time at the wedding!  It was so much fun to see Ruth Ann (who used to be on our staff team here in Japan) and her wonderful fiance James get married and become Mr. and Mrs. Cheng.  🙂  At the wedding we were also able to see quite a few friends who were either visiting from Japan for the wedding or who used to live and co-labor with us in Japan.  It was like a huge reunion!  We spent the day after the wedding packing our (many) suitcases and making a final run to Walmart for those last minute American items that we could make fit into our luggage. 🙂  Then we headed back to Japan!  While we had a great time at each stop on our trip and were so thankful for the many wonderful people we were able to spend time with, we were glad to get back home to Japan and get into our regular life routine again.  We are extremely thankful to God for His protection all along our trip and for the neat experiences we had as a family during our travels.  Here are some photos from our time in Iowa.


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