Photos of the Inside of our House

Though we moved to our new place in January, it has taken us several months to finally finish settling in to our new place and get things organized the way we want them to be. (And, to be honest, we’re still not totally done yet…)  But, we’ve made big progress since getting back from the States so I felt inspired to post some never before seen photos of our house so you can better imagine what life is like for us in Japan.  So, here they are…


2 thoughts on “Photos of the Inside of our House

  1. ok…so I LOVE seeing your house. I do have some questions, what are the doors in the floor of your kitchen? Love the desk! Everything is so neat and clean! The guest bathtub looks like my 10 year old would be too big for it! 😉 Love the tile on the floor in the guest bath! Do you stand in the middle of the room to shower in the guest bath? And what is the little bowl in the corner of the shower for? The Japanese style toilet does NOT look comfortable!!! How does one sit there? Ouch! =) Love the dishwasher but you must have to run it after every meal!! Totally love how simple and lacking in stuff your house is! We really don’t need all that we have do we? Just one more question…I see three chairs in the homeschool room, where do you sit? =) Hope you are doing well! We just started full school today, Ben and Becca have had a few things here and there but as of today we are in full swing! Thanks for sharing your house with us!

    • Hey Ali! Glad you liked the photos! The doors in the floor of the kitchen are for storage. I store extra food supplies under there that I don’t need right away. We shower and bathe American style, but the Japanese way of doing things is to take a shower and get clean first. Then you just sit in the bathtub and soak, kind of like you’re in a jacuzzi (minus the bubbles) to relax and warm up. Sometimes, instead of standing up to take a shower, Japanese will sit on a little stool and have the water come out of a lower spout. They fill up the bowl you saw with water and dump it over their heads instead of using the shower head. I’m think that’s because before shower heads were invented they used to fill the bowl with water from the bathtub and dump it on themselves to wash off soap, etc. I guess the tradition just stuck even though there are showers now. If you take a shower in the room, you stand in the middle of the room next to the bathtub for the shower and there’s a drain for the water to go down. As for the Japanese toilet, you don’t actually sit on it. You squat facing the window. 🙂 Or, if you’re a little boy in the Gibbs family going number one, you just stand there and use it like a urinal. (Hope that little bit of info wasn’t too personal! LOL!) Yes, I end up running the dishwasher about 2 times a day and sometimes even three, depending on how many dishes we use, if we have guests, etc. Japanese dishes are smaller than American dishes, though, so you can fit more things in the dishwasher here than you could in the States, I think. We have three little homeschool chairs at our homeschool table and one larger folding chair for me. I guess that wasn’t in the picture when I took the photo.

      I hope your first day back to school was a great one!! Thanks for looking at my blog and being so interested in our house. 🙂 I’ve been here so long that everything seems normal and natural to me so I sometimes forget to explain stuff that might be mysterious to others. 🙂


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