Recent Hands-on Science Activities

One thing that we really love about our Sonlight science curriculum is all the great hands-on activities and experiments the kids get to do throughout the year.  This year we have done several activies with magnets and electricity that the boys (and even Katie) have gotten really excited about.  One activity the boys did was to make a buzzer game from a cardboard box, some spools of thread, and a buzzer they hooked up to batteries with wires.  It took quite a bit of adjusting and readjusting to make the game work, but they were finally able to make the buzzer go off after the marble went through the “obstacle course” of spools and then plunked down onto foil squares attached to the two wires of the buzzer to complete the electric circuit.  They also learned how to light up a small lightbulb by completing an electric circuit.  Here are a few photos of my budding electrical engineers.


2 thoughts on “Recent Hands-on Science Activities

  1. This is so much more interesting and sophisticated than any thing I did at these same ages. Congratulations on another great lesson plan and activity.

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