Studying the Middle Ages

This year we are studying world history in our homeschooling curriculum.  Of the different time periods we’ve studied so far, the boys have been quite interested in the Middle Ages.  They love learning about castles, knights, and what life was like in those days.  As part of our studies, we’ve been reading a book called “Time Traveler” published by Usborne Books.  In the book, a boy from modern times puts on a special time traveling helmet and then uses it to travel back in time to observe ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, the Vikings, and the Middle Ages.  Each page is filled with interesting information and tons of detailed, colorful pictures, so the boys LOVE reading this book together.  They were also on the edge of their seats as we read another book about the adventures of Robin Hood.  Along with reading about the time period together, we used the internet to research the family crests for two different families.  Since our research showed several different possible crests for each family, the boys each chose one they were excited about and then made their own shield using the real crest as a model.   They enjoyed that craft so much that they went on to make helmets out of cardboard for themselves (which are still in progress) and then even made swords, helmets, and shields for their stuffed animals! 🙂  Oh, and of course they also had to get in some sword fighting practice in with each other too!


2 thoughts on “Studying the Middle Ages

  1. Hi dear!

    Thanks for sharing these cool updates about the kids’ learning! The Lord bless you for all you are doing at home and in ministry! (^_^) Happy Thanksgiving! Feel free to hop on over to my blog to see what we’ve been up to!

    Love you!

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