Katie’s First Sewing Lesson

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It’s often a challenge to entertain Katie while I’m giving my attention to Austin and Ethan during homeschool time.  Sometimes I have her play by herself in her room (a suggestion that is not usually met with great enthusiasm by my extremely people-oriented daughter).  At other times I have Austin and Ethan trade off playing with her upstairs or taking her to the park next door.  A recent successful activity was to teach Katie the basics of how to sew and then let her practice that while the boys and I worked on school time.  I cut out a heart-shaped piece of felt,  threaded the needle for her, and then tied the thread so that she wouldn’t get frustrated by it slipping out over and over again.  Then I showed her how to carefully pull the thread through the material.  Amazingly, she didn’t poke herself even once, and she had a great time!  I will definitely be using this activity again!  (And who knows, maybe she’ll become great at sewing — and then she can teach me!!) 🙂


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