Enjoying the Super Bowl in Japan

On Super Bowl Sunday (which is actually a Monday in Japan!) we joined our good friends Megan and Jason for a super fun Super Bowl Party.  We watched the game online and projected it onto a white board so that we could see it on a big screen.  We weren’t able to watch it live, but only Jason knew the outcome, so most of us were still on the edge of our seats waiting to find out if the Packers had won or not.  I lived in Green Bay from 2 to 4 years old so of course we had to cheer for Green Bay! 🙂  The boys especially had a blast watching while  listening to Bryan and Jason explain the finer points of the game.    I personally learned a few important things about football that I had never known before (like what a “down” actually is(!)).  While I enjoyed the game, the awesome food that Megan had prepared was maybe even a bigger highlight!    But hey, that’s another important part of the American tradition of Super Bowl Parties, right?! 😉

Here are a few pics of our party.


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