Bookworms in the House

Austin and Ethan have become big readers lately, often reading an hour a day.  (They used to only read about 15 minutes a day, but when I started making reading a requirement before they could have any video or video game time, they suddenly had a big jump in their reading motivation!) 🙂  It’s been fun to see them in various places around the house, curled up with a book of their choice.  Ethan’s favorite reading materials right now are Frog and Toad books, the Magic Treehouse series, and Nate the Great Books.  Austin also likes the Magic Treehouse books, The Third Grade Detectives series, and anything else that has an element of adventure.  He recently finished reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins and  The Story of Doctor Doolittle and really enjoyed both.

Here is a slideshow of my beloved bookworms.

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7 thoughts on “Bookworms in the House

  1. Oops! When I checked this morning, Magic Tree House books are not on sale anymore. Were you able to buy them? The sale lasted only for two days. When they email me next time about big sale like this, I’ll let you know right away:)

    • I checked and actually saw them for $7.49 (probably a deal for new members), but when I realized is a membership system with a monthly fee, I decided not to get them. I don’t think we would purchase enough things each month to warrant paying money each month to use it. But, thanks for telling me about it! I’ll keep them in mind for when we get iphones in the future. 🙂 Currently we don’t even have ipods, so we’re not big into downloading audio files. We’re just low-tech cd listeners. 🙂

  2. Oh your boys love Magic Tree House, too! My kids are big fan of Mary Pope Osborn. Erin has asked me tonight that if we have another Jack and Annie book.(She enjoys looking at pictures) We borrow them from a local high school library and we also enjoy listening to it’s audiobooks. Do you use They are having big sale for two days right now. There is one Magic Tree House Collection Books17-24 for $14.36, less than $2.00 for each! They are read by the author and she did very good job. My kids, including Erin love to listen to them and that helps us keep them quiet in our car. Oh well, it’s difficult to keep my mouth shut whenever I see big discount like this:) Are you suffering from hay fever yet? Noel started to feel it last week but he has just left for Ireland
    this morning. He should be happy to be away from Japan at this time of year!

    • Hi Emi! Wow, thanks for the tip about I’ll check it out! I’ve never heard of it before. We’re starting to experience a little hay fever. 😦 But, it hasn’t been too bad yet. 🙂

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