Katie turns the Big 4 and Bryan turns the Big 4-0

This month was a special milestone for our family when Katie turned 4 and Bryan turned ten times her senior!!  When Katie found out she was finally four (something she’d been waiting for ever since she’d turned three!) she was ecstatic and then said, “Next, I’m five mommy!!”  Another year of eagerly awaiting an increase in her age has already started!!  (If only I were so eager to get older each year!!) 

Katie celebrated her bday with a fun party at our house that was attended by family, friends, classmates, and her preschool teacher.  She was blessed by lots of wonderful presents from sweet people in America and Japan who mean a lot to her. 

Bryan and I celebrated his birthday by having an overnight date in Odaiba, our favorite spot in Tokyo.  Our dear friends Megan and Jason (see my recent post about their super bowl party) came to our house and stayed with the kids so we could get a rare getaway together.  We had a great time and felt very refreshed when we got back.  I also gave Bryan a collection of birthday emails from family and friends that he really liked. 

Now that Katie is four she…

can eat a whole vitamin instead of just a half

unfortunately isn’t free to museums in Japan anymore

is too tall to ride her tricycle and is eagerly awaiting Ethan’s hand-me-down bike

considers herself a genuine “big girl” who is WAY more mature than a measly three year old! 🙂

Now that Bryan is 40 he…

can probably consider himself a real adult

can now look forward to lots of interesting physical ailments that are sure to follow 🙂

is heading into the next wonderful 40 years of his life

I am super thankful for both Bryan and Katie.  I feel extremely thankful that we are family!!

Here are some photos of Katie’s party and of Katie with gifts she received for her birthday.


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