Prolific Artists

Austin and Ethan are big fans of the National Wildlife Federation’s magazines for kids.  My Aunt and Uncle gave them a subscription to Your Big Backyard, which has a section that publishes kids’ drawings of animals.  When the kids were younger, Austin sent in a picture of a bird to the magazine and it ended up being  published in one of their issues.  That was a very exciting experience for him!  So, Austin and Ethan recently sat down and created a ton of new animal pictures that they asked me to send in to Your Big Backyard, in hopes that they will get published again.   They were so proud of their drawings that they wanted me to put them on my blog too.  Here is a slideshow of their pictures.  Enjoy!!

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6 thoughts on “Prolific Artists

  1. WOW! We’re impressed with your VERY good art work.

    Good Job! Austin and Ethan

    We also like the pictures of you both reading. We never know what reading position either of you will be in! I’m very glad you enjoy reading –that’s important.

    Lots of Love – Grandma Judy and Grandpa Larry

  2. Austin and Ethan,
    What a great art show this is! You have done a wonderful job of drawing these animals, fish and reptiles. We are very proud of you both. Keep up the good work. We look forward to seeing more of your work and we hope some of these find their way into your favorite magazine. Gandpa and Grandma Gibbs

  3. What a wonderful compendium of exotic and interesting animals. Congratulations to Austin and Ethan for their fine work. I look forward to the results of your publishing ventures!

    RM Lewis

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