Loft Beds!!

While Katie and I were getting some much needed R & R in San Diego, Bryan stayed home to hold down the fort and take care of Austin and Ethan.  He and the boys also spent three days working on a couple of cool building projects.  First, they converted the boys’ old bunkbed into a loft bed for Katie and moved it into her room.  Then, they built a new double-wide loft bed for the boys from scratch!  Austin and Ethan each got to use Daddy’s power drill to screw the screws into their own side of the loft bed and they had a hand in other parts of the project as well.  They were VERY happy with their new loft bed and all the extra space they now have under their bed to play and build Lego creations.  Katie was super happy to come home and find her new “big girl” bed!  We later used cute decals to decorate the bed and windows in Katie’s room.  It’s great to be married to a handy man!! 🙂

Here are some photos showing the process of building the boys’ loft bed and also a couple of photos of Katie in her new and improved room.

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