Katie’s Kindergarten Entrance Ceremony

At the beginning of April, Katie officially entered the kindergarten at our kids’ school, which means that we started sending her three days a week.  Since we homeschool our kids half of the week, full-time at UICS for our kids’ is just three days a week and we always start sending them three days a week once they turn four.  (In Japan, kindergarten is more like preschool in America and many kids start at age three).  Katie is extremely social and she loves her teacher and the other kids at school so she was VERY excited to pass this milestone.  The teachers gave her a corsage and she got an official certificate of entrance into kindergarten.  After the ceremony, we celebrated by eating at McDonald’s at the local mall. 🙂

Here are some photos of the day.  Don’t forget to click on the photos if you want to enlarge them.


4 thoughts on “Katie’s Kindergarten Entrance Ceremony

  1. Congratulations, Katie! Erin will start going to Yochien this coming fall after we move to our new house. I can’t believe that my little princess is going to be a school girl soon and I will be spending time all by myself at home. I’m already missing her 😦 Should we have one more to keep us busy, Renee?

    • You’re such a sweet mom, Emi! It’s neat that you love being with your kids so much! Where will you be moving?

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