Hands-on Japanese History Lesson

Not too long ago, the kids and I made a visit to one of our favorite museums in Utsunomiya — the Tochigi Prefectural Museum.  This museum’s exhibits focus on the history of our area and also on aspects of nature that we can see inside of our prefecture.  (A prefecture in Japan is like a state in America).  We always enjoy the permanent exhibits — dinosaur bones, looking at old artifacts that were found in our area, and drawers and drawers full of bug and other animal specimens — but this time there was a really fun and interesting exhibit on how the Japanese grandmas and grandpas of today grew up.  The museum had a room full of games, toys, clothes, and tools that the grandparents of today used with when they were kids.  The exhibit was especially neat because there were lots of things the kids could touch and even try putting on or using.  The kids really got into trying on old bamboo snowshoes and snow gear made of straw, carrying buckets across their shoulders, and wearing old-style shoes and hats.  Here are some photos of them enjoying the exhibit.


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