Refreshing Family Trip to the States

Back in September, our family took our annual trip to the States for a month.  Once again, the kids and I stayed in San Diego with my family while Bryan and the rest of our staff team took over 10 Japanese college students from the BEST Club to visit sights in San Diego, Northern California, Indiana, and Arizona.  At each location, the students stayed in Christian homes, participated in Bible discussions, and (of course!!) had lots lots of fun!

While all that was going on, the kids and I did a little homeschooling (emphasis on the word LITTLE) and spent as much time as we could hanging out with precious family members.  Our kids had a blast reconnecting with their similarly-aged cousins, seeing aunts and uncles, getting lots of attention from grandparents, and pouring out their affections on family pets  Liberty the Dog and Grayson the Cat.

Besides just enjoying time spent at home with family, the kids and I went to the beach several times (I even taught the boys how to body board!), visited Lego Land and The Wild Animal Park, and visited the neighborhood pool.  After Bryan got back from all of his travels, we were also able to squeeze in a short visit to Arizona to visit close friends who used to be co-workers with us here in Utsunomiya.

Though there were many people I wish we’d been able to see on this trip, but just didn’t get the chance, we are very thankful for the month we had in San Diego and the memories our family was able to build together.  The time went much too fast!!

Here are a few photos from our trip.


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