Katie Turns Five!

When I went into Katie’s bedroom to wake her up on the day of her birthday, I heard these muffled words from under her many blankets: “Mommy, I’m five!!!!”  Katie was VERY excited to increase in age this month!  She disdains being small and is always ready to prove she’s a big girl.  Now she has a larger number in her age to prove it! 🙂  Unfortunately, on Katie’s birthday I was still recovering from a stomach flu and Bryan was out of town, so the celebration on her actual birthday was a bit mellow.  We did manage to go to our favorite cake shop and everyone chose a special cake slice to celebrate with.  Then we went to Toys R Us so Katie could choose something special with birthday money she had received.  So, I think she had a good time!

A few days later, tons of friends from school and the BEST Club gathered at our house for a fun (and very pink!) celebration of Katie turning the big five.  We had great weather that day, so the kids had a tons of fun playing outside at the park with Bryan and our good friend Yoshie.  Katie was showered with piles of feminine presents and she thoroughly enjoyed all the attention.

Here are some photos of her birthday celebrations:


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