A Goal Accomplished: 50 Books!

“I want to read all fifty of the books in the Kaiketsu Zorori series, Mom!” Austin told me four months ago.

It was the start of the new year, and a school assignment was for the boys to come up with a goal they wanted to accomplish during 2012.  Austin had just begun to get interested in a Japanese children’s book series aimed at boys called Kaiketsu Zorori, which is a silly, slapstick series about the ongoing adventures of a sly super hero fox and his two sidekicks.  It’s not exactly great literature, but it was the first Japanese book series that Austin and Ethan had shown interest in reading, so I was quite happy that they had found something they were interested in and I could see it was helping them gain fluency in reading Japanese.

“That sounds like a great goal, Buddy!” I replied, thinking that it would probably take a VERY long time for him to read fifty whole books.  But, here we are just four months later and he has already accomplished his goal!  Using a list of all fifty titles in the series as his guide, Austin tenaciously read (and greatly enjoyed!) every book on the list, crossing off each one as he read it.  Ethan has also read several of the Kaiketsu Zorori books and has set a goal for himself of reading 18 books before the end of the year.  I’m excited to see him accomplish his goal too!

Great job, Austin!  Now what are you going to read next??

The last book in the series that Austin read. He’s happy he accomplished his goal, but a little sad that there aren’t anymore books left for him to read.

Ethan’s in the middle of reading this book in the series.

Katie can’t read Japanese yet, but she enjoys looking at the pictures.


One thought on “A Goal Accomplished: 50 Books!

  1. Omedetou, Austin!! Kaiketsu-zorori seems to win kids’ hearts no matter what nationality they have 🙂 My boys enjoy reading them and Erin likes looking at the pictures just like Katie. She even borrows Kaiketsu-zorori at her Yochien for her brothers. By the way, Noel was in Utsunomiya last week on business. Too bad that he was with his co-workers and could not visit you guys. He also met a professor from university where you serve. Hope we can see you in Utsunomiya next time!!

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