Katie & E-chan’s Parfait Making Date

Usually friends come over to play with all of the kids at the same time, but Katie got a rare treat recently when our wonderful friend E-chan came over just to make ice cream parfaits with Katie.  Of course, the rest of us got to enjoy eating them when they were finished! 🙂  Katie wanted to experience hand-whipping the whipped cream, so they used a whisk instead of an electric mixer.  She hung in there and just needed a little help, but she definitely got an appreciation for how much work it takes to make it yourself.  In Japan, ice cream sundaes often have sweetened corn flakes on the bottom of them for a little extra crunch and these were no exception.  Katie also put sprinkles and cute little decorative plastic toothpicks into the sundaes for extra flair.  Our whole family is super thankful for E-chan.  She’s a wonderful friend to our all of us!

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