Mom and Daughter Beret Sewing Project


Sewing and crafting are in Katie’s blood!  Unfortunately, I don’t come naturally to those arts.  However, I do my best to encourage Katie in her crafting and to help her find projects to try when she expresses an interest in creating something.  So, when Katie developed a passion for sewing a beret, we searched the internet and discovered this website with instructions that looked easy to follow.  We don’t have a sewing machine (yet!) so we had to sew it by hand, but it was very easy and turned out super cute.  The instructions call for taking an old t-shirt and “upcycling” it into a cute kids’ beret. Katie sewed what she could, I sewed what she couldn’t, and I ended up sewing over her stitches to make them a little tighter so that there wouldn’t be gaps in the seam.  Though Katie wasn’t quite able to do most of the project herself yet, it was a great learning experience and a bonding experience as well.   Katie wears her beret whenever she can and often gets compliments on it, so we dub this project a success!



Katie trying to look elegant in her beret.


The t-shirt we used for the project had a heart design on it so that became the top of the hat.


Looking stylish at the park.

baby shower

Katie wore her beret to a recent bridal shower with a matching t-shirt.


3 thoughts on “Mom and Daughter Beret Sewing Project

  1. Your beret is both cute AND pretty. This is a great idea, Katie. You and your Mom are to be congratulated! Grandpa Bob.

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