Christian Academy in Japan’s School Support Services

One fun supplement to our homeschool curriculum is our membership with School Support Services (SSS) of Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ), a K-12 Christian school in Tokyo.  We live too far from Tokyo to participate in many of the activities they offer, but we all enjoy being able to check books out of both the SSS office library and the CAJ school library.  About once a month we send an email to the SSS office with a list of all the books and DVDs we want to borrow.  They gather the materials, pack them in a box, and mail them to our house.  We have a month to enjoy them and then send them back.  Since there are no English libraries in Utsunomiya, it’s a wonderful way to always have new and interesting books for all three of the kids to enjoy.  Since we are only borrowing them, we don’t need to have unlimited shelving space to house the books long-term.   As you can see from the pictures below, everyone gets pretty excited when a box of books arrives at our front door!  We are really thankful for this service and for the very sweet ladies who run the SSS office.  In addition to library privileges, we have also taken advantage of educational consulting and testing.  It’s wonderful to have access to these resources for our family.


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