Copywork and Learning to Draw

One aspect of our homeschool language arts studies is called “copywork”, where  kids are given a sentence or paragraph to copy.  When they copy the passage, they are supposed to pay attention to handwriting, spelling, and punctuation.  As they write down good language models, they also naturally get a feel for correct grammar and sentence structure.  After they copy their selected passage, I check it for them and let them know if there are any mistakes and then they go back and fix anything that needs fixing.  Some people ask their students to copy a short passage from one of their reading books, other people have their kids copy Bible passages or quotes from famous people.  My kids love to draw, so we’re currently using a book series called Draw Write Now, which provides copywork passages about animals and then includes a lesson on how to draw the animal that the copywork passage is about.   Since the boys get to spend some time drawing the animal after they finish the copywork passage, they really enjoy working through these books.  It makes handwriting practice much more interesting than just working through a workbook.  Since Ethan is a first-grader, I just have him copy one sentence at a time, while Austin copies a short paragraph.  Here are some samples of the boys’ recent work.  Just click on the thumbnails to see the pictures up close.