Studying About Human Anatomy — The Making of “Michael Roseman”

The hands-on science activity in our science book was to make a paper model of the bones and muscles in an arm, but Austin and Ethan didn’t want to stop there.  They decided to make a paper model of an entire human body.  Thus began the making of “Michael Roseman”.  Michael got his first name from Austin, who chose Michael after one of the main characters in the animated movie “Monsters, Inc.” (a family favorite) and his last name came from Ethan who says he was inspired when he saw a rose outside.  The boys decided to create flaps and sliding “doors” on Michael’s body that could be opened to show what is happening inside of him.  They used printouts we found online and some science books we had around the house to help them draw our paper man’s brain, internal organs, bones, muscles, and blood vessels.  Here are some photos of the kids posing with their new “friend”.