Re-entering the World of Lapbooking — Giraffes!

Colorful file folders, adorable mini-books, loads of learning with an enthusiastic kid who chose the topic of study.  What’s not to like about lapbooks?  We did quite a few of them when the boys were in kindergarten and first grade (which are documented in this blog), but have slowed our lapbooking pace way down now that they are older and we have more subjects to cover in our curriculum.  Recently, though, Katie remembered the duck lapbook she helped the boys make a year or so ago and requested that she be able to make one herself.  She enthusiastically declared that her topic would be giraffes.  Since there wasn’t a book about giraffes in our house and we wanted to learn about them in English instead of Japanese, we chose to use the internet to seek out info on these fascinating creatures.  We found a series of awesome short videos about how giraffes are born on our “How Stuff Works” iPad app, printed out photos of and info about them from several different websites.  Then we downloaded the files for making the lapbook here at  After reading about giraffes, I wrote in most of the answers to the questions in the mini-books, but left some blanks for Katie to fill in individual words or numbers. (Since she is still working on mastering writing the alphabet, she doesn’t yet have the stamina for writing whole sentences or paragraphs.)

It was a fun mother-daughter activity and we both learned a lot.  For example, who knew that giraffes eat the leaves AND the thorns of the acacia tree, that their hooves are a foot in diameter (making them larger than our dinner plates) and that baby giraffes drop six-feet at birth and land on their heads, a process that is apparently necessary to start them breathing? We both came away with a new appreciation of these incredible creatures that God made and we agreed we were thankful that we didn’t have to make a six-foot drop on our heads at birth — Ouch!

Katie is chomping at the bit to start her next lapbook and is currently considering pandas, penguins, or platypuses.  She is hoping to lure the boys into making the next one with her. 🙂